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I have never travelled to the Middle East. What are some good tips to have?
If you have never been to the Middle East, it is important to be mindful of a few things including health and medication, safety and precautions, and clothing choices when packing.

Health and Medication
If you have any medical needs, please bring all prescription medication with you and an extra supply in case. Some people tend to get upset stomachs, so medication for stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, constipation, or general stomach conditions is good to have. A small first aid kit, including band aids and anti-septic wipes is also a good thing to have, wherever one travels. Palestine and Israel have pharmacies everywhere, and if there is an emergency, medication is available, but it is also best to have medicine from home.

If you have any allergies, please bring your allergy medicine and let Dar Al-Balad know of any special dietary requirements.

During summer months, temperatures do rise to close to forty degrees centigrade, hence sun screen and sun protection are a must to avoid heat stroke and severe sun-burn.

Because of news coverage, many people are not open to the idea of travelling to the Middle East. Be sure to always check with your embassy about any travelling restrictions or warnings before you do plan to travel. However, when coming to Palestine and Israel it is important to note that tourists are always safe. One should be vigilant in large markets for pick-pocketing, and never carry large sums of money around. Passports and identification should be carried around the West Bank, especially if one is planning to travel between Palestine and Israel and cross checkpoints or make-shift borders. If visitors are planning to travel to areas where political tensions are high, it is always best to ask local Palestinians if it is safe to travel for internationals.

Unlike the typical beach vacation, planning for the Middle East can be a bit more complicated. Because many areas of the West Bank and Israel are home to religious shrines and symbols of faith, having modest clothes that are durable and light is best. Sandals and sneakers are the best for walking and site seeing. Packing scarves that cover shoulders and longer skirts for women is recommended. If visitors are planning for autumn or winter trips, it is recommended to bring warmer clothes, including wind breakers and sweaters, as well as rain coats for the wet season.

Palestine and Israel use 220V (220V - 240V) 50Hz. Therefore, most visitors coming from these areas should not encounter any problems using their travel appliances, but it is recommended to buy adapters for laptops and cameras.

Israeli currency is called New Israeli Shekel (NIS) and is used across Palestine and Israel. However, major currencies, like the Euro, American dollar and British pound are accepted, and most major cities have 24 ATM machines that accept VISA, MasterCard and Debit. However, it is recommended to check with one’s bank if one’s card is accessible over-seas. Money exchanges are located in every city, large and small, but it is recommended to check the currency exchange rate online with a reputable bank before making any transactions.

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